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Charity Wisdom

Pentecost & Ordinary Time – 2018

Charity Wisdom from Our Founders

Pentecost Elgreco 95From centuries ago, the words of our founders still resound, full of wisdom and insight for today. Saints Elizabeth Ann Seton, Vincent de Paul, and Louise de Marillac invite us to deepen our relationships with Mary, Mother of the Church, with Christ’s gift of the Holy Spirit, with those around us, especially those in need, with all the members of the Body of Christ, and with God’s glorious creation.


He will direct your heart to that prayer of the Spirit which neither occupations nor pain can drive from it – though it may not be active, still it is there.

Heart of Jesus, receive me.
Spirit of Jesus, enliven me.
Goodness of Jesus, pardon me.
Beauty of Jesus, draw me. (excerpt from Mother Seton’s adaptation of the prayer, Anima Christi)

All nature speaks to us of heaven — the delights of the morning — a flower of the field.


The inspirations of God are gentle and peaceful, inclining us lovingly toward the good He desires of us.

Remember that patience is as necessary to bear with ourselves as charity is to bear with the neighbor. May God be pleased to give us both.

 The poor who do not know where to go or what to do, who are suffering already and who increase daily, are my burden and my sorrow.


I beg the goodness of our Lord to dispose our souls for the reception of the Holy Spirit so that, burning with the fire of His holy love, you may be consumed in the perfection of this love which will enable you to love the most holy will of God.

I trust [our hearts] will be in complete harmony in the Heart that contains them both, and that is the Heart of Our Lord.

They [the Sisters] should be the image of the Most Holy Trinity; and even though they are several, they should form but one heart and one mind.

~    ~    ~   ~


God impels us constantly to set out anew, to pass beyond what is familiar, to the fringes and beyond. He takes us to where humanity is most wounded…God is not afraid! He is fearless! He is always greater than our plans and schemes. Unafraid of the fringes, he himself became a fringe. So, if we dare to go to the fringes, we will find him there; indeed, he is already there. (Pope Francis, Gaudete et Exsultate, April, 2018, Ch. 4)            

~          ~          ~

Mary is the mother of the members of Christ, because with charity she cooperated in the rebirth of the faithful into the Church. (St. Augustine)

~          ~          ~

On the morning of the resurrection, God put life in the present tense, not in the future. He gave us not a promise but a presence. Not a hope for the future but power for the present…. The crowning evidence that he lives is not a vacant grave, but a spirit-filled fellowship. Not a rolled-away stone, but a carried-away church.”  (Rev. Clarence Jordan)

~          ~          ~

Who is the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is a compassionate outpouring of the Creator and the Son. This is why when we on earth pour out compassion and mercy from the depths of our hearts, and give to the poor, and dedicate our bodies to the service of the broken, to that very extent do we resemble the Holy Spirit. (St. Mechtild of Magdeburg, 13th century German mystic)

~          ~          ~

El Greco 1541 – 1614
Oil on canvas (275 × 127 cm) — c. 1600
Museo del Prado, Madrid