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Readings: Acts 2: 1-11 ~ Ps. 104 ~ 1 Corinthians 12: 3-7, 12-13 A noise like a driving wind…tongues of fire…all present able to express themselves in foreign tongues! The STORY of the FIRST PENTECOST told over two thousand years ago! All who experienced this astounding event were awe-struck. God had burst forth upon God’s people with great power and thus empowered and energized them to go out and change the face of the earth.

And change the earth they did! Peter and the early disciples spoke Jesus’ name and people were cured. Thousands accepted the saving power of Baptism and Jesus’ message of conversion and love. This was the FIRST PENTECOST and thankfully, this energizing Spirit has always been groaning and urging God’s people. But, as time went on, that message was dimmed by heresies, religious wars, abuses of power and greed. But the Spirit has never left us alone; She has sought us and found us throughout the ages.

Pope Francis heralded a NEW PENTECOST in his book, “The Joy of the Gospel” wherein he bids us not to be discouraged, for the Holy Spirit will show us what is needed in every time and place (p.136).

Many thinking people are suggesting that “The New Understanding of the Universe”, rightly comprehended, can enable a NEW PENTECOST. Scientific advancement has expanded our world view into a universe view where we are invited to take a deeper look into God’s creation; to expand our horizons into infinity; to take the entire universe with its billions of stars and countless galaxies into our “world view”. In this view we are all related to the Creator and are called to be co-creators in renewing the face of our troubled earth. COMPASSION must become our rallying cry, our normal operating procedure, which we must give as gift to a world torn by war, fear and violence. Only the dynamic, creative force of the Spirit’s Gifts, of which we are the recipients, can usher in this NEW PENTECOST and so transform the face of the earth.



Sister Barbara Srozenski currently leads a group that is studying and contemplating creation spirituality. A former professor of religious studies at Iona College, Sister Barbara also offers retreats, spiritual direction, and faith enrichment presentations.

Our life of faith is nourished by prayerful reflection on and sharing of Sacred Scripture experienced as the living Word of God.

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Quote of the Day July 25You did not give yourself to God to follow your own inclination but to submit to God’s guidance (VI:146).


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