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The Sisters of Charity of New York seek a Part-Time Team Member to work at its sponsored ministry, Life Experience and Faith Sharing Associates (LEFSA) for 30 hours per week.

The Team Member should understand Basic Christian Community model, who can work as a team, but also takes independent initiative. The individual should be concerned with social justice issues, as well as sensitive and aware of today’s issues that many of LEFSA community members who are homeless or formerly homeless may face, who can relate and contribute to the mission, vision and values of LEFSA and Sisters of Charity.

Team member works as part of the LEFSA team to serve individuals living in shelters, temporary residences and on the streets. Team member is responsible to manage the tasks needed to continue and support the program contributing to collaborative planning with the other team members and volunteers, should be concerned with social justice issues, as well as sensitive and aware of current issues that affect the team and can relate and contribute to the Mission, Vision and Values of LEFSA and the Sisters of Charity. Team member must also provide an empowerment model which helps to develop and restore and belief in the dignity and self- worth of each person, to provide resource information and support toward making concrete steps to remove/lessen the causes of homelessness, to work together with people who are living in the margins and advocates to address the system and structures that keep people oppressed and to work toward his/her transformation. 

General Responsibilities:

 Work collaboratively with LEFSA Team in an accountable way, sharing responsibility, and sharing his/her particular gifts, and make decisions as a team

  • Advance the mission of the Life Experience and Faith Sharing Associates to create faith communities with homeless persons in shelters, drop-in centers, addiction/recovery programs and temporary residences
  • Accompany, encourage, challenge, counsel, advise and build relationships with the LEFSA community. Build an atmosphere where “communion” take place
  • Prepare plans and facilitate gatherings in the shelter per the established schedule
  • Prepare and conduct various LEFSA programs including but not limited to Leadership Study Days, Men’s Group and Women’s Group, and Retreats
  • Attend weekly Team meetings and Team Enrichment groups
  • Network with various workers, and civic and Church community members, to raise awareness of LEFSA and the needs of persons who are homeless. Participate in activities related to promoting the work of LEFSA
  • Participate in activities related to social justice, especially issues that affect the homeless community
  • Act as a resource to other LEFSA Team members, volunteers and leaders of other groups committed to serving individuals living in shelters and on the streets
  • Provide a forum for people who are homeless to meet and build relationships and community with LEFSA participants.

 Skills and Qualifications:

  • Demonstrated commitment to the Mission of the Life Experience and Faith Sharing Associates and the history and values of the Sisters of Charity
  • Excellent skills in communication, organization and human relations
  • Experience with Church related communities in the workplace
  • Ability to navigate public transportation system to arrive at destinations successfully
  • Ability to work cooperatively in a team setting
  • Knowledge of base Christian community model
  • Ability to speak Spanish preferred
  • Ability to work on weekends when required.

Please send requests for further information and/or resumes to Sharon Dosin, Director of Human Resources at

November 2018