Charity Wisdom from Our Founders

vesselsFrom centuries ago, the words of our founders still resound, full of wisdom and insight for today.

Our holy ones, Saints Elizabeth Ann Seton, Louise de Marillac, and Vincent de Paul lived deep within the mystery of Christ’s dying and rising. In his transforming love, they found the power to imitate him in giving their whole selves for those most in need.

Our Founders

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

NoteCard_dePaul_Marillac_Se-872-295Imitate the patience of him we adore….
Persevere with yet more earnestness, and rejoice to bear your share in the cross which is our passport and seal to the kingdom of our Redeemer.

An Easter Communion now—in my green pastures amidst the refreshing waters for which I thirsted truly.

Imagine…all with the devotion of Saints,…singing the hymn of the Resurrection; when they come to the words “Peace be to all here” it seems as if our Lord is again acting over the scene that passed with the assembled disciples.

St. Vincent de Paul

All of us make up a mystical body, but we’re all members of one another….Every part of us is in such sympathy with one another and so interconnected that the pain of one is the pain of the other.

Allow yourself to be guided, and rest assured that God will be the one who guides you; but where? To the freedom of his children, to a superabundance of consolations, to great progress in virtue, and to your eternal happiness.

St. Louise De Marillac

…To choose the life of Jesus Crucified as the model for our lives so that His Resurrection may be a means for glory for us in eternity.

Offer yourself frequently to Him and ask Him what He wants you to do. Do not worry about your strength. Rest assured that you will receive all that is necessary from the goodness of God.


Artwork of Vincent, Louis, and Elizabeth by Iandry Randriomandroso © Vincentian Center, St. John’s University. Used with permission.