Markham Gardens Manor,
New Affordable
Housing Program

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Markham Gardens Manor, the new affordable housing program for seniors being built under the sponsorship of the Sisters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul of New York, in West Brighton on the corner of Richmond Terrace and North Burgher Avenue is now accepting applications.

Originally applications had to be filed by November 27; however because of the impact of Hurricane Sandy, the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has agreed to extend the filing deadline to Tuesday, December 11. In addition, HUD has approved allowing a preference for applicants who have lost their housing as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

The announcement of the acceptance of the extension of the application period and preference for victims of Hurricane Sandy was made yesterday by Borough President James P. Molinaro and Kathryn Rooney, Chair of the board of the corporation that will own and operate the complex.

The Borough President, who has been integrally involved in the development of each of the six senior housing programs of the Sisters of Charity on Staten Island, commented, "Given the enormity of the impact of the hurricane, the potential to provide decent, affordable housing for seniors who have lost their homes is a ray of sunshine in an otherwise bleak situation."

New Housing Available: Early 2013
The new housing will be available for move-in in early 2013.

Anyone wishing an application may call Stanan Management at 718 343-1546 or 516 486-1000 or write Stanan Management Corporation at 33 Front Street, Hempstead, New York 11550. HUD has also allowed applications to be downloaded from the internet at

Mr. Molinaro noted that 20 of the 80 units in the building have been set aside for former Markham Garden residents who meet the age and income requirements. Any of the 20 units not used by former Markham Gardens residents will be available for other qualified residents living in non-elderly New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) buildings. This will free apartments in NYCHA buildings for additional residents. The building is being constructed on land given by NYCHA specifically for the complex. The use of the land and the set aside of the units resulted from negotiations with NYCHA.

Mrs. Rooney noted that at least one applicant for an apartment must be 62 years old at the time of initial occupancy and that applicants must have an income of $29,050 or less if single or $33,200 if a couple. She commented that in addition to providing comfortable, affordable, secure housing, Markham Gardens Manor will also have social and recreational programming. A full time social services coordinator will be available to assist residents with entitlements and referrals to community based services.

She added, "Our goal is to provide a home-like environment and to supply our residents with needed support services to allow them to stay in their homes as they age and their needs may increase." The building will have community, arts/crafts and library/computer rooms as well as an onsite laundry. There will also be outside recreational space.

Application Deadline: December 11, 2012
Applications must be mailed and postmarked no later than December 11. Applications must be sent by regular mail, not by registered or certified mail or courier. Hand delivered applications will not be accepted.

Shortly after the deadline for filing applications, a drawing will be held to establish the order of individuals who will be selected for apartments.

Those chosen for apartments will pay 30% of their adjusted income for rent and utilities. Five percent of the units are especially designed for mobility impaired individuals. All of the apartments for seniors are one bedroom units.

Each applicant should submit only one application. If more than one application is submitted by an applicant, they will be placed at the end of the list no matter where they fall in the lottery drawing.

Please download the PDF application »


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