Scripture Reflections
These comments on Scripture and on events of our time
flow from the prayerful reflection and rich experience
of our
Sisters, Associates and colleagues. We are happy
to offer them to you, and pray that these words will open your heart
more fully to the living Word of God.


As we mark the Dec. 21 winter solstice, the shortest day and longest night of the year, our Mayan friends celebrate the dawn of a new era. We offer a reflection on this significant moment from our Sisters who serve among the Mayan people in Guatemala. And Sister Eileen Teresa Kelly, SC, writes about our ancestors' wisdom for this time of earth's turning. May we be open to the special energy that Creation brings in winter!

In Guatemala the Mayan Calendar signals the end of a great cycle of time on December 21st. Some interpret this in apocalyptic terms as the end of the world; but those who study history tell us it is stepping into (crossing over a threshold to) a new "Era Maya." Hence, the message of the moment is one of hope and new common promises to change our collective consciousness. The new era of evolving spiritual humanity heralds peace and harmony in nature, the cosmos and among humankind. And for us, faced with the challenge of all the natural disasters, wars and conflicts we have experienced this past year, Christmas dawn breaks upon us and a new era brings hope-filled possibilities.

                                                                   Anne Denise Brennan, SC, Gloria DeArteaga, SC,
                   Nora Cunningham, SC, and Rosenda Magdalena Castaneda-Gonzalez (SC Candidate)

                                                             ~ ~ ~ ~

Thirteen indigenous peoples send thirteen grandmothers this year to go to Nepal. They go together yearly to glean from their heritages the wisdom nurtured by their cultures, gathering fragments lest they be lost to all of us.

Pre-Columbian sages found the cyclic rhythm that spirals arrow-like to a new beginning. The Mayan people [among whom our Sisters live and work in the mountain regions of Guatemala] say we are now in a time of such a turning of the Way to go, not an ending but a new beginning, a time of re-birthing.

Ancients, watching, saw and counted turnings of the years. They noted strangeness in the samenesses; they mulled together to explain, propose, foretell and call "wise" the ones who know meaning; they pursued the stellar wandering.

Plain folks daily watch the wooly wanderers so easily misled and yet enticing guardians to pursue their wayward trails. Around the sunlit globe eyes behold the shadows' transit and ask of mind a meaning, of heart a leaning.


Eileen Teresa Kelly, SC





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