Congratulations and Blessings from Brother David

Congratulations on 200 years of devoted service to the Church and especially the people of New York. I have so many wonderful fond memories of the Sisters who taught me at Epiphany School (1955-63) in Manhattan. Those Sisters made me want to be a Religious and a Teacher. I am proud to say that because […]

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We Have Arrived!

August 20, 1817   New York City — We have arrived!   Sister Cecilia O’Conway   Sister Rose White   Sister Felicity Brady     August 20, 2017     In thanksgiving for the blessings of these past 200 years  and in expectation of the blessings to come.     . . . the journey continues.   […]

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August 20, 1817

New Beginnings—Anticipation, August 20, 1817

The Story The Sisters arrived in New York eager to see their new home on Prince Street and start to make it ready for the children they were privileged to assist.  The house, of course, was not ready. In the meantime, Robert Fox, his wife and daughters offered them the hospitality of their home. When […]

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Lessons I Learned from Sister Irene Breheny, SC

Tuesday, August 15, was the 90th birthday of Sr. Marie Irene Breheny, SC. She was one of the most influential people in my life, starting when I was in high school. We kept in touch for many years. After I saw her a few years ago at a reunion, I sent her a birthday card […]

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August 17, 1817

New Beginnings—The Mass, Our Center
August 17, 1817

The Story Then as now, the Eucharist was the pivotal mystery for Elizabeth Seton and the Sisters of Charity. Her final prayer was that members of the community always remember that they are “daughters of the Church.” It is not hard for us, then, to imagine the three missionaries attending Mass together with the Sisters […]

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SCNY Statement on Charlottesville, Virginia

What can we say about the events in Charlottesville, Virginia, that hasn’t been already said by religious and civil leaders and all people of good will? We are saddened by the display of hatred and bigotry, by the belief of some that any one group of God’s children is better than another, by the needless […]

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August 16, 1817

New Beginnings—Planting Good Seed, August 16, 1817

The Story Sister Rose White had to say good-bye to the Sisters she had been on mission with for three years in Philadelphia, and to the orphans she had come to know and love. Sisters Cecilia and Felicity were given a lesson in how to respond in fidelity to the cost of the “yes” they […]

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August 15, 1817

New Beginnings—Leadership and Support, August 15, 1817

The Story When Sisters Cecilia and Felicity arrived in Philadelphia, they went immediately to the Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum of St. Joseph’s where Sister Rose was director. Mother Seton had named her Sister Servant, leader of this fledgling group of missionaries. She was an excellent administrator, capable of building a firm foundation for the new […]

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August 14, 1817

New Beginnings—Dying, August 14, 1817

The Story Robert Fox, a New York Catholic whose children attended the Academy in Emmitsburg, volunteered to accompany the Sisters to New York. He met Cecilia and Felicity at Emmitsburg. Their first destination was Philadelphia. There they would meet Sister Rose White, director of the Philadelphia orphanage started by the Sisters in 1814. They would […]

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August 13, 1817

New Beginnings—Leave-Taking, August 13, 1817

The Story Let us imagine Mother Seton as she stood at the door of the White House in Emmitsburg on the morning of August 13, 1817, and wished Cecilia and Felicity God-speed. She, a native New Yorker, knew what neither Sister could have imagined; indeed, she understood well the challenges they would face. New York […]

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